We are the Sin Machine. Our collective was visualized into this realm in 1998. From its inception, Sin Machine's roguish band of brothers merged their diverse musical backgrounds, visual inclinations, and fondness for tongue-in-cheek horror films into a viscerally insightful vision. Sin Machine's line-up is comprised of Dannibal (songwriter, guitarist and synthesizers), Gabriel Grimm (songwriter, lead vocals) Diablo (percussionist and drummer), and Bela Bones (bass).


Sin Machine's sound is a scorching, though meticulously powerful synthesis of metal, rock, and punk, which is showcased within a dynamic stage show influenced by the campy antics and sarcastic wit often depicted in horror classics by John Carpenter, George Romero, and the European cult director, Dario Argento. "A lot of our influence comes from movies as much as music" said Dannibal.


The band's lurid but compelling video "Formaldehyde Kiss" which has a German Expressionist feel and was written by Gabriel Grimm gives a nod to the Vincent Price classic, the "Abominable Doctor Phibes." "We liked the idea of a man who was obsessed with his wife, and in a sense, never let her die" said Gabriel Grimm.